A place to go where no one wears heels in the kitchen and the rules of extreme couponing don’t make sense. This is the place for the rest of us.
A place for the good, the bad and the ugly that goes along with making a house a home. All written by a mom, with a messy husband, a stinky dog, two rude cats and a serious problem with keeping it real.
Couponing, Recipes, Organization, Decorating… and everything in between!
Amanda, Mrs. RD herself, is an accomplished event planner, small business owner, blogger, officiant and networking junkie. Married since 2008, to Mr. RD, a pretty awesome guy that she’s known since middle school. Together, they have one adorable little guy born December 2011, a really smelly Pomeranian named Cooper, and two really bitchy cats named Tyson and Sonny (after boxers, if you were wondering).
Together, they are all just trying to survive in their tiny new-to-them house in a very fun community. Read along as they try their best to figure it all out, without driving each other insane.

One Comment on “About”

  1. Love the name for the blog, very cute idea, grabbed my attention right away from the WordPress “food topic” page!!

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