31 Days: Oh Honey!

When I was trying to get myself into a greener routine, I found a recipe for a honey and cinnamon mask that was amazing. I vowed at that moment that I would try to work as much honey into my life as I possibly can. I wanted to put honey on and in everything. I may have overshot that whole thing, due to my excitement about smooth skin, but I really do love the sweet stuff.

Here is my favorite go to mask for those times when B is in bed and I feel like a little quick pampering. It is EASY and smells fantastic. The honey is great for moisturizing, protecting and for healing. Cinnamon is ideal for cleaning and bringing blood and oxygen to the skin, which helps acne and also scarring. Baking soda heals inflammation and soaks up excess oil in the skin. This trifecta works wonders to leave your skin feeling fresh, glowing, soft and refreshed.

Oh Honey! Mask

  • Open up your pores with either a steamy shower or by hanging your head over a sink of hot water with a towel over it
  • Pour honey into the cup of your hand
  • Add in a tsp of cinnamon and baking soda
  • Rub hands together to mix the ingredients
  • Spread all over face
  • Be careful because it is very sticky. Keep away from your hair, including eye brows. Ouch!
  • Keep on for 10-15 minutes, while you give yourself a mani or watch some cheesy TV, and rinse away with warm water.
  • Splash face with cool water, dry, and admire your soft skin.

You may ask yourself, “Why is this in the 31 days project?”. The answer my friends, is simply this… A happy mama, keeps the home free of drama. 😉

I am hoping to find some sort of Christmas gifts that I can DIY for friends and family that uses honey. I literally have a huge 36 ounce mason jar filled with raw honey. I have amazing friends who have a bee farm on their property and they were kind enough to bring it to me this past weekend. I cannot wait to try it out!