Thankful for November

Obviously, I think I have a lot to be thankful for. I often mention little things in my posts, but I really want to put it all out there for my own reminder. Maybe I will remember to check this when I am having a bad day, or wake up grouchy for no reason. I’m a lucky girl and I need to keep that on my mind as often as possible. Each week this month, I will post a recap of what I am thankful for that week. They may be big things or little, odd or completely expected.

You should do it, too. If you do, link your blog in my comments section each week, so we can give each other a virtual high five. Join the Thankful for November party! Please?

This week, I am thankful for many things…

  • My awesome sister, Kaylie. She baked delicious cupcakes and I ate one for breakfast. Then she went to Target with me and watched New Girl’s Halloween episode. We really are a lot alike. Scary.
  • My pantsless child, who figured out how to take his pants off today.
  • My husband and his extra long lunch break phone convo today.
  • All of my family for celebrating Halloween and not thinking it was ridiculous to take 3 babies under the age of one Trick or Treating in my neighborhood. Also, for not judging me when we ran out of food.
  • Heat, electricity, running water and a home that is in one piece. My heart breaks for those who have been affected by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Sandy. I couldn’t imagine being in the position that some of them are in and it saddens me to think that many have lost loved ones. I wish I could do more.